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 Company Profile 

 Lensstory Studios is a multimedia company in Ghana, working in and beyond the boundaries of Africa. Our aim is to visually tell stories of Families, individuals, companies and Institutions.

We are here to make memories beyond, today.

With our highly skilled and talented team, we will paint those precious moments with high quality lights and create timeless memories for generations to come.

 Meet Opuni-Mensah 


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Addo Theophilus Opuni-Mensah is the creative lead of Lensstory. A Portrait and Event photographer based in Accra, Ghana. My love for photography started in 2013, my second year of University (VVU).  I found myself documenting and archiving all the fun moments on campus with my phone and a point-and-shoot Kodak camera till I purchased my first DSLR.

 My goal has always been to tell stories (hence the name Lensstory), give people new perspectives and ways of seeing the world to appreciate the value of the moments we live. Freezing a moment through photographs reveals how rich and priceless reality truly is.

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera”

–Dorothea Lange

I have come to appreciate life even more because I view every moment as a photo-worthy moment. Thus, my attention to the tiniest detail and the candid moments when shooting events are what fuel my passion to do more.

Listening to music, watching movies and admiring nature are the few things you will find me doing when I’m not behind the camera.