Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers if you are interested in using any of our services.



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Ok, so how do I book your services?

A: 1. Choose the package(s) you want, from the rate card pdf, as well as any additional preferred deliverable (e.g. photobook, frames etc.) or special requests

2. Send your request to us via our WhatsApp Business account with the date(s), time and location of the event. If we are available to shoot your event, we will forward to you the Service Agreement Document (contract); which includes the service charges and terms of service.

3.  Sign-off the service agreement and make a deposit of 40% non-refundable payment to confirm booking to secure your date(s). The remaining 60% should be paid preferably before the date of the event.

Regular follow up messages will be sent to you to ensure that the entire team is fully abreast with the turn of events and all necessary information and commitments fully adhere to for a successful day. After your event we will also send you our review forms to give us feedback on our performance based on your event.

When do I meet the photographer?

A: It is important to make your bookings and once your booking process is complete, you will be assigned to a Lead Photographer(s) for your event, who you can meet in our office or anywhere convenient.


What time will you arrive at the event?


A: We will arrive at your event 45 minutes to the time of a traditional wedding but for white wedding we will be there 90 minutes (1hr 30mins) before start of actual ceremony.

What happens if my event stretches longer than planned?

A: For events that have duration longer than the agreed service duration for the event, our policy is to extend coverage for a maximum of 30 minutes free of charge. After that point the client will be liable to all extra hourly charges and this is with or without any form of notice prior to the fact that you are fully aware of the hours you have subscribed and our reporting time to the event. As a result, the hours will start counting 30 minutes after the team gets to the agreed meeting place.

How many photographers will be at the event?

A: This will be based on the package you chose. However, if you are expecting more than 150 guests and you happened to go for a one photographer package, we strongly advise to add an additional Photographer from our team to reduce the stress of the single shooter and help to achieve a more comprehensive story and wedding gallery.

Will our pictures be featured online?

A: Yes and no, Images captured by Lensstory do not automatically feature on its website and social media platforms. Clients will appreciate that thousands of images are captured each month by our photographers and not all can be featured. We reserves the right to select images (at our own discretion) to feature on our website and social media platforms. Images created for our clients under the copyright law are deemed as Shared Ownership. This means that both the client and the creators (Lensstory) have equal rights to the images to share and reproduce them. Full Copyrights to images can, however, be requested by a client at a charge. The charge is for the selling over of Lensstorys’ shared rights to the client. Once a client has Full Copyrights, Lensstory will have no right to share, reproduce or commercialize the images without the permission of the client. We at Lensstory puts in the time and effort to make every image standout thus sharing such images is, of course what draws clients to the company, as you may have been drawn.

Do you touch up all the images on our Flash Drive?

A: Yes, we do. Every image we deliver is post processed with our unique artistic and creative style of basic post production. This involves cropping, color correction, exposure/brightness adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, tone mapping and other minor corrections. However high-end retouched images are relative to the chosen packages(R#). The (R#) next to the number of Photos/Soft copies to be delivered to the clients means number of retouched images. Although all photos will normally be edited before presented to clients; retouching means we move the focus of our editing from the general look of your photograph to the various elements within the picture. Explaining further, this means that certain flaws noticed on the subjects within the image such us messed up hair, brown eyes & teeth, patchy makeup, sweat, rough skin, protruding stomach and other distractions will further be corrected by eliminating or adding to the picture for an entirely glowing effect on images. Other Photographic filters and color grading can also be added to the photograph when necessary to produce a unique and outstanding image. It’s almost like the perfect picture useful for Wall Frames, Album Covers and Social Media Blog Posts.

NB: extra retouching of images will come at an extra cost of ₵30.00 per image if desired by clients.

How long will it take to receive our product?

A: Soft copies of pictures will be delivered within 14-21 working days. However we may share a few highlights with you as and when we make progress with the post production process via a Google drive link (Files are most likely to be the retouched images that come with your package). Full deliverable of soft copies pictures, frames (if subscribed by client) and photobook will be delivered within 60-90 working days. Kindly note that express services can be requested and will come at an extra charge. Clients are advised to pick up their final proofs at our office otherwise payment will be made for delivery services by client when doorstep delivery is requested.


What is a photobook?

A: Photobook is a particular kind of book made of quality photo papers, in which images prevail over text, and the joint work of the photographer and graphic designer helps build a visual narrative. Photos from the event are uniquely chosen and beautifully arranged to tell your story. So, the key point here is the existence of a visual narrative — originated from a specific initial intention — that begins and ends in the book. This is a work of art that will preserve memories of your day for many years.

What happens after you deliver the images?

A: After delivery of final images to client, the client is now responsible for them. Lensstory is no longer liable for the storage of that media. We often try to keep final images backed up via external storage and cloud but this is by no means guaranteed.

Hey there! You have actually completed reading this FAQ, thanks a lot for your time and effort. If you have any more questions, we will be happy to answer them, just give us a call or send us a message via our WhatsApp business contact (055 865 8947)